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Collage Collage is a store and workshop. Come visit us for a special gift, a drop in class or a limited edition colouring poster. 621 Kingsway Vancouver BC

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So, what do you do here?

I get this question all the time at the shop. My favorite comment to date was a fellow who came in, stretched his arms out wide, and proclaimed "I love this place! What is it?"

It totally made my day, and reminded me that a few more photos of what happens here might help everyone better understand a shop like Collage Collage.

Here at Collage Collage, we sell books, magazines, art supplies, toys, and other treasures. We teach classes several times a week that you can check out on the website. Or you can just email me, and we can find out if I've got a class suitable for you and your family.

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